jud the rat (2)


The books in the “Tales of Jud the Rat” series are graded from easy to more difficult, on the basis of the phonic rules and morphological combinations used in the text.  They can be used as stand-alone reading materials, or simply read for pleasure. They can also be set in large print and used to develop reading fluency. In addition, the phonic skills embedded in the text of each book can be used to teach spelling rules and sequential writing skills.

I have also put together a set of procedures for developing reading fluency, which are designed to be used with the books in the series. There are other sets of procedures for developing spelling and sequential writing skills, using the material. These can be obtained by emailing me at pottercs@gmail.com

Dr Charles Potter

Educational Psychologist


Copyright: Copyright in the text of the ebooks in the “Tales of Jud the Rat” series, vests with myself as author.

The “Jud the Rat” illustration on this page is also used on the covers of the ebooks in the “Tales of Jud the Rat” series. It is, to the knowledge of the author, royalty free, both internationally as well as in the United States (PD-OLD; PD-1923). It was published in 1873-1874, and was uploaded from



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